Be Mindful of Fraudsters!


Did you know that the number of fraud cases gradually increased during December? According to FBI reports, holiday scams are so common, especially during this time of the year.

And as the holiday season begins, be aware that scammers will increase their efforts to steal as much as possible.

Here are some of the three most common tactics that these fraudsters try to trick us with.

  1. Calls or requests for gift card payments

The scammers ask the target to buy a certain number of gift cards and then request the card codes so that the scammers can deduct the amounts purchased.

2. Deposit fraud

It occurs when a large sum of money or a prize is promised in exchange for a monetary deposit.

3. Requests for money online from email/Facebook/Instagram contacts

It frequently occurs for people who have a friend whose account has been hacked and use this person’s account to scam others.

Protect yourself and become more knowledgeable. Let’s talk if you need help protecting your hard-earned money!

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