7 Ways to Simplify Your Finances

Finances are complicated, but you can make them much simpler by following some simple actions.
These habits will empower your finances and ensure a bright financial future for you!

Simplify your finances and simplify your life…

Here’s how…

1. Start with your financial accounts – the only checking account you need is the one that best suits your financial needs. Pick, cancel and close all of these other accounts – they’re not worth the hassle!

2. Pay your bills weekly – with a scheduled day each week, you can ensure that no bills are forgotten. Pay everything on time and leave enough room for all payments to post as planned so they aren’t late!

3. Utilize electronic bill payments – the convenience of paying bills automatically is one reason why so many people prefer electronic bill payments. You can set up payments to be made either when your money arrives or on a daily basis. This system saves time as well as money over traditional methods such as sending in-person withdrawals at branches.

4. Consider level-paying your utilities – budgeting can be a challenge with high utility bills in the summer or winter. But using your energy company’s level-pay option will keep them from being too unpredictable and unexpected!

5. Automate your savings – money doesn’t grow on trees, so it’s important to learn how to best utilize what you have. As soon as possible after getting paid take out some cash and put it away for future expenses. 

6. Review your spending monthly – we all know the feeling of spending more than we should. But how do you find out? With a spreadsheet or financial software, it’s easy! Make one for yourself and see what your numbers show – these may surprise even those who are most familiar with their bank account balance.

7. Re-evaluate your financial recordkeeping system – we all have a tendency to be excessive with our paperwork. Speak to an accountant, they can help you determine the optimal amount of time you should keep each type of record.

Making a few simple changes to your personal finances can make life so much easier. Developing systems and habits is key in making the most important financial activities happen on time every month, without fail! Making these improvements takes some work but in return for putting forth the effort, you’ll be rewarded with more proactive money management skills that will serve as an excellent foundation moving forward.

Making small tweaks to your finances can make a big impact down the line. If you want to achieve greater clarity and control over your money, start with these seven simple tips. BOOK A FREE CLARITY CALL TODAY to get started on creating a brighter financial future for yourself! I’m here to help you every step of the way~

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September 8, 2022

Prudence Rufus